snel 100% Vegan & Certified Organic
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The best Juice Cleanses
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snel 100% Vegan & Certified Organic
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The best Juice Cleanses
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Awesomely Organic

"You can have all the riches and success in the world, but if you don’t have your health, you have nothing.”
- Steven Adler. 

It’s a massive cliche, because it’s true. Oh and just so you know, that’s not a quote from some vegan, yogi, health guru, it’s from a rock ’n’ roll superstar who pioneered the ‘all or nothing’ rock ’n’ roll lifestyle.

We can’t stain-proof you, we can’t weather-proof you, or sound-proof you, but we can Lifeproof you. Juicebrothers is arming you with 100% certified organic antidotes to life’s everyday obstacles. All organic, all the time. We use the best ingredients and the most efficient methods, like cold press juicing, and pulp products to make the most of every last drop. Shortcuts are the ultimate life hack, we’d never get from one end of the week to the other without them. But when it comes to our ingredients, methods and recipes Juicebrothers never take any shortcuts, because we want to guarantee you the absolute best quality and flavor in every bottle and every bite.

From your morning meeting to your kung fu lesson, that networking event, the party you can’t miss, the kid’s play-date, the family get together, DIY weekends and whatever else life throws at you, we are your daily bottle, bowl, bar or shot of organic, cold-pressed invincibility.

Squeeze the day, with Juicebrothers. Squeeze the day, with Juicebrothers.

Our mission is to bring the magical superpowers of cold pressed juice to as many people as we can. We make 100% certified organic, cold pressed juices full of delicious fruits and vegetables in a range of surprising flavor combinations that will get your taste buds and the rest of your body singing! And that’s not all, we also make the best acai bowls in town, the smoothest smoothies & smoothie bowls, mylks, cleanses and delicious nutritious snacks. We have it all and more with the passion and knowledge to back it up. Cheers!

LifeProof is a mindset, a lifestyle and an attitude. It’s about giving your body and your mind everything it needs to be able to squeeze every drop out of every day. Supplementing your diet with 100% certified organic cold-pressed juices and plant based snacks is the perfect way to ensure that you are ready to tackle whatever life throws at you, with a smile and a fist pump.

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Certified Organic

Fully Plant-Based
Perfect for Vegans

Bottled in
Recycled plastic

No Additives
No Nonsense

Where it all started

JuiceBrothers was founded in 2015 by Noah Boeken, Guus Benning and Bibi Janus, three mates living busy lives, trying to find the balance between living fast, working hard and eating spinach. They were old enough to realise how important their health was, but too young and too busy to give anything up. So they went looking for an answer, and found it in America – yup, the land of excess and Ranch dressing – who would have thought?!

What they found was juice,  not your standard OJ full of extra sugar and preservatives, but 100% pure, cold pressed juice that maximises all of the good stuff and needs none of the bad.

They’ve come a long way since 2015, now straddling the Atlantic with shops in New York, Memphis and 8 shops in the Netherlands. Just give them a minute to fuel up with a bottle of green power and they’ll be all over Europe before you can say “wheatgrass”!

force of nature

Cold pressed
is best

We use 100% organic certified ingredients exclusively, no exceptions. All of our juices are cold pressed. This method uses pressure instead of heat which extracts the maximum amount of juice and maintains the delicate balance of vitamins, minerals and enzymes, basically all the good stuff! No heat. No preservatives. Unpasteurized. 100% organic.

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