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snel 100% Vegan & Certified Organic
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The best Juice Cleanses
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May 2021

Introducing Health Coach Kim

Health coach Kim

Tell me, who are you?

Hi! My name is Kim Bos, and I am a Health Coach based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I am a Dutchie who moved from Amsterdam to New York City three years ago. 


What does it mean to be a health coach?

My specialty is helping busy urban professionals make nutritional/dietary, lifestyle, and behavioral changes so they can reach their personal health goals and live healthier (and happier) lives.


I have a 12-week program in which I coach my clients 1:1, and the program is designed to boost energy, weight loss, mood, sleep, skin quality, digestion, and stress reduction. I’m my client’s guide, ally, and accountability partner. Having someone to hold you accountable is critical if you want to make sustainable and lasting changes.


What does being healthy mean to you?

Being healthy means feeling my best physically, emotionally, and mentally. Good nutrition is the foundation for wellness, but health goes beyond eating healthy and exercising. Multiple factors influence your overall health, such as quality relationships, an enjoyable career, time for creativity, and a pleasant home environment. You can eat all the broccoli and kale in the world, but if you’re highly stressed all the time, you will never feel your best. 


Who inspires you?

I learned from today’s leaders in the health and wellness field. Mark Hyman, MD, founder of The UltraWellness Center, has profoundly influenced my health philosophy. I recommend reading his book “The Pegan Diet”. Despite the title, The Pegan diet is an un-diet. You will find everything you need to know about the influential role of food in this book. It’s all based on the principles of functional medicine: the science of creating health. It basically means to look at the root cause of imbalances and disease instead of just treating symptoms. Most of the time, food plays a role in the cause and the cure. 


What makes you and your service unique?

I am a down-to-earth realist when it comes to healthy living. My coaching style is straightforward and uncomplicated, and I have learned from the best. I don’t believe in dieting or calorie-counting. Diets cause stress and eventually result in feelings of guilt and failure when goals are not met. My philosophy revolves around a healthy and balanced lifestyle that is not full of restrictions but opportunities. Think of it like this, if you eat wholesome foods and take good care of yourself most of the time (80-90%), your body can handle enjoying less nutritious foods from time to time. Many of today’s programs on the market focus on extremes making it impossible to maintain for anybody living a busy life. 


How do you help your clients be successful?

I help my clients make small, attainable changes in their eating habits and lifestyle. Minor adjustments can have a significant impact when done right, especially when you come from a place of imbalance. Most importantly, I give my clients the tools to continue their health journey after the program is finished. Instead of an open-ended hourly agreement, I have a carefully designed 12-week program that contains all the necessary ingredients to improve your health. 


How can people get in touch with you?

People can reach out through my website, via email, or Instagram! I offer a free consultation to new clients to see if we’re a match and if my coaching is right for them. I only work with highly motivated clients as this is what is needed for satisfying results.   






Last question, what do you love about cold pressed juices, and which one is your favorite?

Cold pressed juice is great because it separates the pulp from the juice, which is more easily digested and passed into the bloodstream. This allows your digestive system to use its energy to get rid of built-up waste and toxins.


I also love that the nutrients are highly concentrated, allowing for quick and easy absorption. This can give you a quick energy boost before or after exercising or quickly replenish nutrients when you’re not feeling well. Plus, you can fit a large number of vegetables into a single bottle, leaving you with a drink that packs a whole lot of nutrients!


My absolute favorite is the “Mean Green”; a low sugar juice with tons of veggies. 


Kim Bos, Health Coach

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