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mylk & brew

Vanilla Sky

Our homemade almond milk. This milk is sweet and smooth. Coconut palm sugar is unrefined sugar from the coconut palm tree. It has a much lower Glycemic Index (which means it makes your blood sugar spike less) than refined table sugar and still contains a lot of minerals. This drink is perfect for breakfast, in coffee, on a juice cleanse, or any time snack!

Juice Type:
  • Ingredients
  • Nutritional Facts (based on 420ml)


Almond milk, coconut sugar, vanilla powder, Himalayan salt

Nutritional Facts (based on 420ml)

  • Energy (kJ) 1969,06
  • Energy (kcal) 470,3
  • Fat total (g) 30,3
  • Sat. fat (g) 3,5
  • Kh total (g) 43,3
  • Sugar (g) 33
  • Protein (g) 14,1
  • Fiber (g) 7,11
  • Salt (g) 1,563